May 242018

Why Depression Counselling is more important than Medication in Thunder Bay

Why Depression Counselling is more important than Medication in Thunder Bay

Whether one has mild, moderate or severe depression in Thunder Bay, the good news is there are a few ways one can use to beat depression. This can either be naturally, using anti-depressants, or through cognitive therapy, which is by far the most effective treatment plan, and we’ll explain why below.

Benefits of Depression Counselling over Antidepressants

Over the last few years, there has been tons of research done on the best ways to alleviate depression, mainly focusing on anti-depressants and depression counselling. Below, we discuss some of the findings from the research that point out that depression counselling in Thunder Bay outweighs medication.

How Medication Works

Anti-depressant medication is a short-term treatment option for severe depression, but works well with mild to moderate depression in Thunder Bay. Most people depend on their general physician to prescribe antidepressant drugs, and these drugs are designed to alter the chemicals in the brain that contribute to the feeling of depression and make one feel better. Anti-depressants help ease depression symptoms, such as bad mood, lack of sleep and low concentration. However, medications only relieve symptoms and do not cure depression. Unfortunately, once the effect of the drug wears off, the person goes back to having the same symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Anti-depressant drugs are quite addictive, and most patients find that they cannot live without the drugs. This leads to the weakness of the drugs in the long run. It has been reported that most patients face withdrawal relapses if the medication is withdrawn.

In addition, anti-depressant medication has been found to exhibit terrible side effects in many patients. These include severe physical health problems and mania, especially among the elderly as well as a rapid increase of suicidal thinking in most people, especially during the withdrawal period. Sadly, long-term use of numerous antidepressant drugs, including Zoloft and Prozac, has been coupled with tar dive dyskinesia, which is a type of immutable brain damage associated with tremors and tics.

Benefits of Counselling for Depression

On the other side of this spectrum, research has shown bountiful findings in support of counselling as the most effective treatment of depression in Thunder Bay for a number of significant reasons.

  1. Counselling in Thunder Bay focuses on helping patients build strong support relationships and systems that will serve as their strength to protect them psychologically.
  2. Counselling has proven to be effective at resolving emotional issues that could be holding a patient back and help them face their challenges head on again.
  3. Depression counselling in Thunder Bay teaches patients some of the most effective ways to calm their autonomic nerves and helps them practice, as well. This is the foundation for anxiety reduction and stress management and a great start to beating depression.
  4. Counselling teaches patients dealing with depression in Thunder Bay problem-solving skills they can apply to overcome unrealistic expectations, assumptions or negative beliefs that are the hallmark of anxiety thinking and depression.
  5. Counselling on its own works fine, but in combination with a couple of positive lifestyle changes, including but not limited to regular exercise and healthy eating, it has been proven to produce long-lasting anti-depressant and anti-anxiety results.


There is no denying the fact that depression counselling outweighs antidepressant medications and is a long-term treatment plan for depression. Though, in some cases, the use of antidepressants alongside counselling can produce faster and even better results.

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