May 262018
Professional Teeth Whitening Yields Better Results

Any DIY job comes with some element of risk, whether it is a durability or health risk issue. Building a table or chair is actually more dangerous than ordering one and cooking your own food is trickier than ordering take-out. In a similar way and logically speaking, home teeth whitening in Peterborough may not be as safe as getting it professionally done. Even so, if you choose to spend a little more cash and engage professional teeth whitening services provided by dentists in Peterborough, you need to know what you’re getting.

Professional Teeth Whitening Solutions Have Higher Potency

Dentists generally use a higher dosage of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide than what you would typically expect from the over-the-counter teeth whiteners. Home whitener strips only contain a minimal amount of hydrogen peroxide, approximately six percent. However, dentists use solutions with 35%, which means the process is completed quicker and you don’t have to keep the solution in your mouth for as long. Since the potency is higher, it is best to allow the dentists in Peterborough to apply the whitener instead of doing it yourself.

What Dentists in Peterborough Do Best

The greatest benefits of relying on dentists to handle teeth whitening in Peterborough includes the constant consultations, as well as the immediate notice just in case something goes wrong. While teeth whitening has been proven to be safe, cases of gum irritation are not uncommon. Hypersensitivity may also occur in some patients, meaning extremely hot or cold foods and drinks should be avoided after the procedure is completed.

Dental practitioners also create molds of your teeth and mouth. By doing so, they are able to provide patients with customized whitening trays once the procedure is completed. Even though your local dentist is likely to recommend three visits to the dental centre in a span of 4-6 weeks, the results achieved will not last forever. The good news is that dentists in Peterborough can offer vital information about your teeth. The dental practitioners carry out the procedure and prescribe the right percentage of peroxide solution that suits your teeth perfectly.

The Safest Option

While teeth whitening procedures do not generally present any safety concerns for patients, a dentist will perform the procedure in a safe and comfortable environment. Furthermore, you get immediate help if you develop any complications, such as discomfort or extreme sensitivity.

When it comes to professional teeth whitening in Peterborough, dentists can let you know if teeth discolouration you’re experiencing is caused by an underlying factor, which might not respond well to specialized whitening treatment. Consequently, you will be saved the hassle of continuously trying to get results that may never materialize.

Improved Smile and Greater Confidence

Patients with stained smiles or yellow teeth always smile with their mouths closed, which makes other people automatically assume that they are unfriendly or they lack self-esteem. Teeth whitening in Peterborough, when done professionally by a dentist, allows you to enjoy an improved, brighter smile and this often translates to greater confidence. The higher confidence levels mean that patients will be more outgoing.

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